SOG Knives

Founded in 1986 by Spencer Frazer in his apartment in Santa Monica, SOG Knives began with its first and only product - a fixed blade commemorative knife that retailed for $169 based on the original design of the Vietnam SOG military knife. In 1988, SOG introduced its first folding knife, the Tomcat- which won Blade Magazine’s Overall Knife of the Year Award. This was the first of the numerous awards SOG received for innovative products and ideas.

In 1990, SOG introduced the Tool Clip, the company’s first multi-tool that led them into new and much broader arenas, including the industrial and retail markets. SOG multi-tools were further advanced in 1995, when Mr. Frazer invented Compound Leverage multi-tools, a patented design which gave SOG tools vastly superior pliers clamping strength. (This was one of the first of SOG's unique patents- Today, the company has over 50 patents for their unique inventions.)

In 2000, the company created an entirely new-patented concept (SOG Assisted Technology) that made it easier and faster to open a folding knife ambidextrously; With the introduction of these products, SOG established itself as the first knife manufacturer to expand its line to include a broad scope of folding knives, multipurpose tools, and a deep assortment of fixed blades.

In 2009, SOG partnered with MCC Capital Partners, a private equity firm specializing in the growth of branded consumer products companies. This partnership allowed for massive growth of the SOG brand, and further exploration into untapped markets.

In August, 2011, SOG partnered with an investment group consisting of Gladstone Investment Corporation, The Mustang Group and Montlake Capital. Each member of the investment group is an experienced investor in small to mid-size companies and they are focused on supporting SOG’s next stage of growth.

Today, SOG is well positioned to efficiently and professionally service its growing list of customers, while preserving the SOG traditions of product quality, innovation, and strength of brand.

SOG started some 25 years ago in my apartment with a simple philosophy – to create innovative products that stood apart from the pack. While the company has grown, our commitment to that philosophy has remained constant. Today it’s one of my greatest satisfactions to receive letters from throughout the world describing how SOG products have lived up to that standard. It is what inspires us to continue to build great products that last and that help you meet the challenges of a demanding world.

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